How to create a photo studio corner?

Dec 5, 2017

Hello, my sweethearts ♥ you're now reading Sweetiecyndy's blog. How are you today? 

I believe you guys might get shocked that I suddenly blog in English. This is my first time to blog in English in order to share tips for more readers to understand my content. Please forgive me if I make some grammar mistake as my English is not that good if compare to my mother language (Mandarin). Let's start with the topic I wish to share with you guys today. 

A few months ago, I blogged a topic about Althea beauty box and I received some comments from other bloggers who do not understand Mandarin. Well, the only way they can understand my content is from my photos. Although they couldn't understand what I'm trying to say on my blog post, they're still willing to leave down some positive comments which give me lots of encouragement. Based on the comments, I notice that most of the bloggers wish to take nice photos with a nice background and of course, I also have the same thought. 

From what they saw from my photos, they think that I have a nice room or a nice house but actually none of it. I don't have a nice house or a nice room. I just try to use all the nice materials available in my house without spending money to create my own background every time before I start to blog about something. However, I start to plan about some ideas in order to create my photo studio corner to make me more convenient for photoshoots, and I would like to share some tips with you guys at the same time.

  Where to set up the studio?  

The first thing you should consider is to find an empty space to decorate your own studio. You do not need to find a big space but you must find a place with sufficient sunlight! The sunlight is the most natural lighting fact to improve your photography unless you have many photographic lighting types of equipment, then you no need to worry about such these things. So this is the significant key for me to find a place with this natural light.

  How to design?  

#1 A Photo Wall
Actually, I love photo wall so much, it can gather all the memories of my life. As you can see from my current blog design, it's the same concept like this. 

I love photo wall design of my blog template

I do not want to make it only appear in the digital view, I would like to make it touchable in reality. Finally, I found this net from Daiso and I direct bought it in Pink color which is very girlish same as my style. That time each item only sell for RM5.30 in Malaysia but now the price was raised.

I bought two pieces of the pink color net, and you can buy this item as shown in the picture below to lock between two of them so that they can link together.

I choose to buy this butterfly design hook instead of using the screw. There is a double-sided tape behind which can use to stick on the wall. I personally feel that the screw is like destroying the wall in my room, and the butterfly design hook also looks good than a screw, so I do not prefer to use a screw. By the way, I bought this from Mr.D.I.Y store. The materials I used both are very economical and convenient for you to find the material around all the Malaysia store.

This is the creation after hanging on the wall. Does it look good?

#2 A Velvet Carpet
The second item I bought is this carpet. Due to my room doesn't have a beautiful floor design, the only thing I can cover on it is using a carpet. I like white color to be my background as well, no matter you want to take some #ootd photos or any product review photos, a white color background can always make things clear, this is the tips that can make yourself or your item looks nice.

#3 A LED Yellow Starry Light
This LED light make me think about this song "Twinkle Twinkle little star~ How I wonder what you are~" The thing that could make your room be bright and romance is the light! This is the important part for me to design this photo studio corner, it brings to my entire design an additional mark. You shouldn't miss this item too!

By the way, this LED light I bought is functioning by three pieces of AA batteries. Therefore, I no need to worry about whether I should place this LED light near to the plug or not

This is the soap flower I received on the Anniversary day (sent by my bf). It is still very fragrant after 9 months. I discover that it is very matching with the LED light I bought, so I just take it out in order to take some photos.

#4 A Seasonal Decoration (Optional)
The Christmas season is coming soon! so this is an optional part for you to design your own studio as the festival might change from time to time. I add on some Christmas decoration to increase the Christmas party mood surrounding us. I also bought it from Daiso which I get each item for RM5.90. The price was raised at this moment.

Finally! it was done! Happy December everyone! Christmas is my most favorite festival because it can always bring joy to everyone in the world. So this is just a very simple concept for me to create my own photo studio corner, no matter I want to take some personal photos or record some videos for my YouTube channel, I would like to use this corner to be my background (however, the design might change from time to time). If you're also thinking to decorate a studio corner for yourself, I hope these simple tips are helpful for you. Thank you for reading my blog and I love to see you again on my next blog posting. XOXO

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